Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The beautiful state of Madhya Pradesh is popularly known as the Vacationers Paradise. This state is located in the heart of India and has some really interesting and captivating tourist destinations. Every year thousands of travelers visit the amazing state of Madhya Pradesh.

Eco Tourism:
Madhya Pradesh is an emerging destination for Eco tourism and is a true paradise for nature lovers. The main purpose of this tourism is to educate the travelers about the methods of conserving the environment. In this the tourists are taken on a tour of the untouched rural areas and they are a good way of knowing about the life style of the local people. The main emphasis on this tour is given on the areas that have rich flora and fauna and have diverse cultural heritage.

Pilgrimage Tour:
One can find very eminent and scared pilgrimage centers in Madhya Pradesh. This state has several temples, mosques and stupas that attracts devotees from different parts of the world. The Omkareshwar temple and the sacred and holy city of Ujjain are the most important centers for the Hindu devotees. Along with it one can also visit the Mahakaleshwar temple and Amarkantak. The followers of Buddhism also come to this state for the world famous Sanchi stupas which is a big religious place for them. Beside that many Jain temples are also located here.

Heritage Tour:
One can never complete their Madhya Pradesh tour without visiting the amazing heritage sites of this state. They are the living example of the rich ancient past of this land and they are still standing strongly after so much time. They simply enchants the visitors with their undying charm. Bhimbetka rock shelters, Khajuraho temples, Gwalior fort, The Ashoka pillar and Hoshang Shah's tomb are some of the historical sites that are worth watching. Even some of these sites has also been declared the world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Wildlife Tour:
Madhya Pradesh is a state that has a rich wild world and is like a heaven for the wildlife enthusiasts. The various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks located here are the best places to watch the different species of wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. The diversity of flora and fauna of this state attracts the visitors to come here again and again. Bandhavgarh national park, Kanha national park, Pench wildlife sanctuary and Pachmarhi national park are the most popular wildlife attractions of this state.

Adventure Tour:
Feel the thrill of various adventure sports while visiting Madhya Pradesh. The geographical terrain of this state make it a perfect place to try your hand in some spine chilling sports that will pump up your adrenalin rush. Para sailing and gliding, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, elephant safari, biking and river rafting are very popular among the international and domestic travelers.

Rural Tourism:
The rural tourism in Madhya Pradesh is been organized and promoted by the State Government. It is a new concept which is being introduced in the recent years to allure the tourists from all around the world. This is the best way to know about the rural world of this state. With this the visitors can see the real culture of this colorful state. This tour also give a relaxing break to the travelers from the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities. Orcha, Mandu and Dhar are the most preferred destinations for the rural tourism in Madhya Pradesh.

Carvan Tourism:
This is a latest way to attract the foreign tourists and to promote tourism in Madhya Pradesh. With the carvan tour one can explore the true natural beauty of this land. These carvans have all the modern facilities to make your travel comfortable and luxurious. This tour covers all the important tourist places of this state and is gradually becoming popular among the domestic holiday-makers.

Visit Madhya Pradesh and spend some of the best holidays of your life here.



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