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Thursday, February 23, 2012

India the land of mighty Himalayas, golden Thar desert, diverse wildlife has so much to offer to the travelers. Every year the charm of the country attract travelers from all around the globe. And what can be a better way then India travel packages to explore the real magic of India.

There is so much to see in India that all of it can not be concluded in just one trip. If you love adventure then you can opt for White Water Rafting Trips, Ladakh Tour Packages or the Himalayan Trekking Tours. Even the Rajasthan Desert Safari Tour will be a great option to indulge in some adventure.

If you are looking for some peace then Rajasthan Village Safari With Rajasthan Tribal Tour, Kerala Backwater Tours will be the best travel option for you. For those who are newly wed and are looking for great destinations for honeymoon there are Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages, Tour Packages For Andaman And Nicobar Islands or even the Kullu Manali Honeymoon Packages.

Now for those who are looking forward to explore the different aspects of India and its rich cultural heritage. There are many great travel packages for you like:

and lot more.


Forts In India – Witness Of The Bygone Era

Thursday, January 19, 2012

India, the country of ancient monumental heritage is a popular travel destination for the travelers who want something extra. And what can be a better place then forts of India to explore the true charm of this country. India is one country that was ruled by different dynasties during different time periods. And these historical forts in India are the best evidence of their rule. So check out these different Indian forts that you can visit during your trip to India.


Vaishno Devi Darshan

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The darshan of Vaishno devi is a dream of almost every Indian, infact it is the dream of many pilgrims around the world. People from every nook and corner visit Vaishno devi to pay homage and seek blessings. 

Located on the Jammu and Kashmir state of India the temple of Vaishno devi is one of the most populated temples in India. Situated on a cave on Shivalik Hill the temple has to be reached on foot or by horse from Katra. Katra is 50 km from Jammu and it is the base camp for Vaishno devi. Devotees who come for darshan of Vaishno devi take off their luggages in Katra and set for darshan.

Darshan of Vaishno devi is an amazing task to perform. There is a saying that unless and until one get a call from Mata can not get the darshan. And it is so true. The journey of Vaishno devi starts at Katra and pilgrims cover 13 km on foot for the darshan. 

The ascent is a bit difficult but devotees accomplish the journey very smoothly. After 12 km of journey people reach on the courtyard of Vaishno Mata and now it is the time for Darshan. There are images of he Mahakali, Maa Saraswati and Maha Lakshmi and three pindies. The darshan of Mata is a divine feeling. That very moment passes so rapidly that it takes some time for realization that we have achieved our dream. 

It takes nearly 6 hours from Katra to get the temple and do the rituals of darshan. There are Ardh Kumari and Vairav temple on the way so some people pay homage to all the deities. After performing the puja and darshan people come back to Katra take rest and go back to the destinations.


Dates For Gangotri and Yamunotri Announced

Friday, January 6, 2012

GMVN or the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam has announced the opening dates for Gangotri and Yamunotri for 2012. The two destinations of the Chardham will open for pilgrims from 24th of April. Dates for the other two destinations of the famous Chardham Yatra - Badrinath and Kedarnath are still not announced.


Akshardham Temples in India

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

India is a secular nation, where there are a number of religious places. There are tow Akshardham temples in India. One is located in Delhi and the other one in Gujarat. Akshardhan temples are also known by the name of Swaminarayan Akshardham as they are dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan.

Akshardham Temple, Delhi

Akshardham temple in Delhi is one of the beautiful religious sites located in the city. It is one of the excellent examples of Hindu architecture. It took 7,000 artisans and 3,000 volunteers to construct this temple. It was opened for visitors in November 2005.

Architectural Brilliance

The temple has been designed in ancient Vedic text i.e. Sthapatya Shastra. Rajasthani Pink sandstone and Italian Carrara marble has been used in its construction. There is no use of concrete and steel in the construction of Akshardham temple. The temple consists of 20,000 idols, 234 carved pillars and 9 domes.

There are a number of attractions inside the temple. The boat ride inside the temple complex 'Sanskruti Vihar' gives you the glimpses of 10,000 year old history of India. There are lush green lawn called 'Bharat Upavan', which has a number of beautiful trees and shrubs. There are a number of sculptures of great national leaders and freedom fighters inside the lawn. There is a lake surrounding the main monument, which is called Narayan Sarovar. There is a beautiful musical fountain inside the complex which is known as 'Yagnapurush Kund'.

There is a theatre inside the temple complex, known as 'Nilkanth Kayan Yatra', which houses the exclusive screen of large format in Delhi, measuring about 85 feet in length and 65 feet in height. Akshardham temple has registered its name in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Akshardham Temple, Gujarat

There is an another Akshardham temple, which is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This temple was also constructed by BAPS, which was opened for visitors in November 1992. One can see various similarities in the architectural design of the two Akshardham Temples, located in Gandhinagar and Delhi.

Architectural Brilliance

It is one of the largest temples located in the state of Gujarat. Dedicated to Lord Swaminaryan, an Idol of Lord Swaminaryan made on gold leaf is the main attraction of the temple. Intricately carved with stones, Akshardham temple stands amidst the lush green gardens. Height of the temple is 108 feet and it is 240 feet in length.

There are a number of halls built inside the temple complex where one can see the portrayal of Lord Swaminarayan presented by various shows. In an another hall, known as Sat Chit Anand, films are shown on large IMAX formats. There is an another hall known as Nityanand, where one can see the messages of Mahabharta, Ramayana and Upanishads in exhibitions. The temple complex has a research centre known as 'Akshardham Center for Applied Research in Social Harmony' (AARSH).


Ashrams in India - Spiritual Retreat Centers

Ananda Ashram
Ananda was founded by Swami Kriyananda. The Ashram conducts three types of Yoga – Hatha, Kriya and Raja. A brief to psychological, philosophical and theoretical Yogic goals are given here before beginning the Yogic experience. It offers complete bliss and calms the storm brewing inside the soul. There are different halls built in the Ashram which are assigned for various types of Yogas: Ma Anandamayi Abode, The Music pavilion, Viceregal hall and Winter garden.

The Osho ashram founded by Bhagwan Rajneesh is located in Koregaon Park near Pune. Different types of meditations are held in the Ashram: Osho Kundalini meditation, Osho Nadabrahma meditation, Osho dynamic meditation and Osho Nataraj meditation. These meditations are very helpful for spiritual development and to get rid of stressful life.

Atma Jyoti Ashram
Atma Jyoti Ashram is a spiritual institution, wholly devoted to the preaching of 'Santana Dharma', the concept which aroused out of eleven main Hindu texts – Isha, Kena, Katha, Prashna, Mundaka, Taittiriya, Aitaryeya, Chandogya, Brihadaranyaka and Savetashvatara Upanishadas. In the Ashram the concept of OM yoga is emphasized by concentrating on the syllable- OM. It is the way for self realization and to get relieve form sufferings and pain. The yoga is performed with crossed legged sitting, consisting of number of postures – Lotus Padmasana, Siddhana, Swastikasana and Sukhasana.

Sri Aurbindo Ashram
Sri Aurbindo Ashram was established in 1955. The main ideology revolves around achieving Sat-chit-ananda – Supreme Consciousness. People come here to experience the world of happiness and equality where they can develop their mind and body. Early morning meditations have number of psychological benefits such as stress reduction, a sense of well being and spiritual benefit like a feeling of connectedness with God.
Vipasana International Academy was established in 1976 by S.N. Goenka, disciple of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. 'Vipasana' is a Buddhist meditation technique in which person stills his mind, controls his breath, silently concentrates and achieves a sort of mental peace and tranquility. Anapana meditation is practiced to control the breathe and mind, the Vipasana meditation is done for achieving complete control on mind.
Tao Zen Meditation centre
The centre is located in Goa, which is meant only for travelers and tourists. People visit the centre for stress burst and to get relieve from tedious and tiring life. Zen Tao uses six techniques of yoga for developing oneself and inner peace – Prana Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Pranayama, Tibetan yoga, Dhyana yoga and Tao-Zen meditation.


Book Hotels in Rameshwaram

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the gulf of Munnar, Rameshwaram is a best known pilgrimage centre in India. It is also known as the Venaras of South. It is an island in the shape of a conch and famous for the Ramalingesvara or Ramanathswami Temple, Gandhamadana Parvatam and beautiful beach. It is also a great holiday destination for the travel buff. A perfect combination of sea, sun and sand Rameshwaram offers excellent hotel facility to the tourists.

Rameshwaram Hotels
Blue Coral Cottage
Gujarat Bhavan
Hare Rama Hare Krishna Hotel
Devaswam Guest House

The most important attraction of Rameshwaram is the temple of Lord Shiva, which attracts many tourists across the globe. This temple is counted as the 12 Jyotirlingas of India. The Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea converge in Rameshwaram.

There are variety of hotels in Rameshwaram starting from luxury to the budget which accommodate the tourists who come to visit this place. The services and amenities in the hotels are excellent. Even the economy hotels have the basic amenities. The hotels over here known for their warm hospitality and good services. The hotels here are known for the comfortable stay. The are also well known for the comfortable stay also.

The luxury hotels in Rameshwaram has all most all the facility that a good hotel should have. These hotels can meet up the needs of the holiday maker. On the other hand the budget or economy hotel has the basic amenities and cleanliness which is required on a pilgrimage tour. Each room in the hotels has colour T.V. With cable connections, phone, attached bathroom with running and cold water.
The famous hotels in Rameshwaram are as follows:

Other Hotel Tamil Nadu - Tour Booking
Royal park, Rameswaram
Hotel Maharaja
Chendhur lodge,
Hotel Venkatesh
Hotel Shanmunga Palace
Tamil nadu, rameswaram (Economy)
Hare rama hare krishna, rameswaram (Budget)
Chola hotel, rameswaram (Budget)


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