Andhra Pradesh Tourism

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The state of Andhra Pradesh is situated on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal that give this place its immense beauty. The untouched charm of this state simply mesmerize every traveler and inspire them to come here again and again. The natural beauty of this state offers a relaxing break and is very popular among the young couples holiday-makers. It is also known as the Rice Bowl of India.

City Tour:The cities of Andhra Pradesh are the main cultural hub of this state. They are the reflection of the rich ancient past of the several dynasties and their rulers. These cities are the living example of the glorious rule of theses rulers. Every year thousands of travelers from different part of the world come here to know about the heritage of this state. Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Guntur and Warangal are the most famous and most visited cities of Andhra Pradesh.

Pilgrimage Tour:The temples of Andhra Pradesh are the archaeological remains of the Satavahanas and Pallavas rulers that ruled this land in the 1st century AD. The temples situated in this state are the architectural marvels of the ancient times. They attract travelers and devotees from every part of the world all around the year. The Tirupati temple situated in the Tirupati city is the most famous and most visited temple of India. Beside that one can also visit the Thousand pillared temple, Kolanpuka, Bhadrachalam temple and many more.

Beach Tour:The beaches of Andhra Pradesh are not so famous like the other South Indian beaches yet they have their own charisma. The pristine elegance and the serene atmosphere of these beaches cast their magic on every traveler. The bright sun and the crystal blue water of the Bay of Bengal often allures both international and domestic visitors. Along with it they also offer good opportunity to spend your holidays in the nature's lap. Bheemunipatnam, Ramkrishna, Manginapudi, Mypad, Rishikonda, Kottapatnam and Kalingapatnam are the most visited beaches of this state.

Hill Station Tour:
The hill stations of Andhra Pradesh are the perfect getaway to relax your senses from the maddening crowd of the cities. The calm and tranquil environment along with the lush green valleys make them a preferred destination among the holiday- makers and young honeymooning couples. Here they can spend holidays peacefully while enjoying the majestic view of the hills. Anantagiri hills, Araku valley and Horsely hills are the best places to experience the charm of this state.

Wildlife Tour:The thick and dense forest of Andhra Pradesh proves to be a perfect place to see the different species of wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. The various sanctuaries and national parks that are located here are a home to a wide variety of endangered species and serves as a way for their survival. Nehru Zoological park, Coringa wildlife sanctuary, Indira Gandhi national park and Alisagar deer park are some of the well known wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of this state.

Cultural Tour:One can experience the rich culture of Andhra Pradesh in its vibrant dance forms, folk music, delicious cuisines, different religions and beautiful and heart warming people. The cultural tradition of this state has the influence of the several dynasties that ruled this state in the earlier times. People of different religions live here in peace and harmony which is the unique quality of Andhra Pradesh.

Monumental Tour:The monuments of Andhra Pradesh are the symbol of the glory of the olden times. They are an inseparable part of the traditional heritage of this state. The architecture of these monuments is very magnificent and are worth watching. Charminar, Golconda Fort, Mecca Masjid, Qutub Shahi Tomb, Warangal fort and Osmania university are the most popular monuments of this state.

Visit Andhra Pradesh and spend some of the most fun filled and enjoyable holidays of your life here.



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