East India Tourism

Sunday, December 5, 2010

East India is immensely beautiful and a true symbol of the rich Indian culture. It is also a home to many interesting and amazing tourist destinations. Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and all the north-eastern states are the major tourist attractions of this region.

Heritage Tour: Visit the magnificent heritage sites of East India and experience the rich and traditional Indian Civilization. Globetrotters from all across  visit East India to witness the magnificent architecture of these monuments.  Konark Sun temple in Orissa, Bodhgaya and Nalanda University in Bihar and a journey in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways are the most loved heritage tours of East India. They are the true beauties with that cast their magic on every traveler.

Wildlife Tour: Experience the rich treasure of amazing wildlife while visiting East India. It is truly a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary in Assam is the most famous in the whole of East India. It is a well known place for the one horned rhino. Beside that tourists can also visit Sunderbans wildlife park in West Bengal, Bhitar Kanika sanctuary in Bihar and Simlipal sanctuary in Orissa. Here tourists can also indulge themselves in some jungle safaris to get close to nature.

Pilgrimage Tour: The eastern part of India is very pious and is truly a holy land. It comprises of many shrines and mosques that have magnificent architecture. In Orissa Jagannath and Lingaraj temples are the most popular among thousands of devotees. One can also visit Dakshineshwar and Kali temples in West Bengal and Jalamandir and other popular Buddhist temples in Bihar. Many legends and myths are associated with these shrines. Devotees not only from India but also from the other parts of the world visit these sacred temples to fulfill their wishes. Followers of Buddhism can visit the Buddhist Monasteries of north-east.

Tour of North Eastern States: Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura and Nagaland are the states that are located in the north-eastern part of India. They all are very small in comparison to other states but they are definitely the most beautiful states of India. The calm and peaceful atmosphere of north-east is very enchanting. The beautiful hill stations and mesmerizing mountain range of Himalayas attracts travel buffs from all across the globe.

Adventure Tour: Bring out the adventurer in you and feel the adrenalin rush. While in East India try sports like river rafting and boat racing in Assam, angling, trekking and camping in Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya and rock climbing in Nagaland.

Delicacy Tour: Experiment with your taste buds and try out the different cuisines of East India. They will definitely enhance your tongue. Try the delicious kinema curry, sel roti and pakku in Sikkim. Also taste bihari litti, pittha, sattu and khichdi in Bihar, rassogolla and begun bhaja in West Bengal and poda pitha and dalma in Orissa.

Visit East India and spend the best holidays of your life.



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