West India Tourism

Friday, December 3, 2010

West India is truly a nature's paradise with immensely beautiful valleys, sea shores and rich cultural heritage. The lush green tropical rain forests along with Western ghats, Konkan and Deccan plains makes this part a heaven for holiday-makers, adventure lovers and young honeymooning couples. Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra are the most popular destinations of West India. This part is also an important trading center of India.

Historical Tour: West India has a rich historical past which is reflected in the several amazing monuments in this region. The cave temples of Ajanta-Ellora and Elephanta attracts travelers from every part of the world. The brilliant rock carvings in these caves are simply amazing. Beside that Champaner Citadel and Surat Castle in Gujarat and Ruins of Church of St Augustine in Goa are also visited by the globetrotters from all around the world. The architecture of these buildings is very magnificent.

Pilgrimage Tour: West India is one destination where one can find several temples, mosques and churches. They all have magnificent architecture and are associated with some legends and myths. Somnath temple and Akshardham temple in Gujarat are the most visited pilgrimage centers of the West India. Along with it the devotees can also visit at the Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Church of St Francis of Assisi in Goa and Shridi temple, Sidhi Vinayak and Mahalaxmi temple in Maharashtra.

Wildlife Tour: West India is a region where one can find various species of animals in the different sanctuaries spread all over it. This part of India is very abundant in wildlife. See the real king of jungle, Asiatic Lion in the Gir sanctuary in Gujarat. Besides travelers can also visit Porbandar bird sanctuary and Purna national park in Gujarat, Bondala and Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuaries in Goa and Chikhaldara and Dajipur sanctuaries in Maharashtra. They are an ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts to spend some memorable holidays.

Festivals: India is a country where festivals are celebrated all around the year and the festivals of West India in this aspect are an integral part of the cultural heritage of this country. They are a symbol of the unity of the people of various religions and reflects the traditional Indian values. These festivals are very colorful and are celebrated in a grand way. Kite festival, Navratri and Janamashtami of Gujarat, New Year and Christmas celebrations of Goa and Ganesh Chaturthi and Gudi Padwa of Maharashtra are some of the most popular festivals of West India. Tourists from every part of the world visit this region to experience the true festive spirit of the people.

Delicacy Tour: Delight your taste buds with the mouth watering cuisines of West India like dhokla, khandvi and patra in Gujarat, ambot tik, balchao and payasa in Goa and modak, pav bhaji and pani puri in Maharashtra. They all are the traditional and the most popular delicacies of this region.

Luxury Tour: Spend some of the most memorable holidays of your life in a luxurious manner. Try the Deccan Odyssey tour in Maharashtra and enjoy the scenic view of this state. Also stay in the luxurious hotels of Goa which have all the modern facilities to make your stay comfortable.

Famous Attractions: The most popular attractions of Goa are its beaches. The serene and calm atmosphere and the bright sun is simply mesmerizing. The beautiful dessert of Rann of Kuch and the world famous Gandhi ashram in Gujarat are also visited by thousands of travelers from across the globe. The forts of Maharashtra are also worth watching.



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