Wildlife Conservation In India

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The rich wild world of India has always been a subject of fascination, for the enthusiastic wildlife lovers. Every year the amazing biodiversity of the country attract several travelers from all around the world. The several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries situated in different states of India, are the best places to watch the affluent rare species.

But with the changing times and the growing human population, the existence of these rare animals and birds have come into grave danger. In today's time there is a great decrease in the number of different species of fauna. The ultimate result of this change will also affect the humans and this might also crated a danger for their own identity. According to environmentalists the only way to solve the situation is the introduction of new wildlife protection projects.

So cope up with this situation the Indian Government has introduced some important Wildlife Conservation acts, for protecting the various endangered species of animals and birds. 'Project Tiger' and recently introduced 'Save the Tigers', ' Crocodile Conservation' are some of the major projects that were initiated by the Government for preserving the invaluable fauna of India.

Project Tiger:
Started in the year 1973-74, Project Tiger was the first ever successful attempt by the Indian Government to preserve the most popular animal of India ie 'Tiger'. In this project a total of nine wildlife sanctuaries were transformed into into tiger reserves that provided them protection from hunting. In the year 1993, the number of these sanctuaries were increased to 27. As a result of these reserves there was a steady increase in the tiger population.

Wildlife Conservation Society:
Also known as WCS, this program was started in 1986 at Nagarhole National Park. Every year more and more environmentalists, naturalists, wildlife conservationists associated themselves with this society. scientific research, national capacity building, policy interventions, site-based conservation and developing new models of wildlife conservation are the main agendas of WCS.



Larry Ghomes August 22, 2011 at 11:46 PM  

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