Goa Carnival 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Want to see the several vibrant colors of the fun loving state of Goa? Then come here during the annual celebrations of the Goa Carnival. A four day event filled with, complete entertainment and hoopla will surely sweep you off your feet. In 2011 this fest will be celebrated from 5th - 8th March.

The beginning of the Goa Carnival dates back to the Portuguese times, who once ruled this land. Although it began as a humorous play, where White masters would mock to be black slaves and vice versa, but with the passage of time it became a popular tourist attraction of this state. This carnival generally begins just three days before the Lent (where people party for non-stop 3 days). Every year more and more merrymakers are coming to this carnival to have a blast of their lifetime.

On the first day of the Goa Carnival a very colorful parade is organized, that roams on the streets of the Panjim city. Momo the King of Chaos is the leader of this parade who comes with his entire entourage that includes belle dancers, acrobats, jesters, musicians and revelers. The travelers who come to Goa to watch this carnival gather on the road side to enjoy this boisterous parade. After hearing the drum beats and the live music, even you can not stop your feet from dancing on the tunes of the parade. The sound of the cymbals and bagpipers will surely take you in another world where, there is no stopping of fun. For these three days the streets of Panjim comes alive with the flutter of astounding delight.

The fun does not stop even at the night. The beach parties for which Goa is known world wide add the extra spice to this carnival. To sum up the entire joyful atmosphere Red and Black dance is performed on the last day of Goa Carnival.

So come to Goa during the Goa Carnival celebrations and spend unforgettable three days here, filled with unending pleasure and gaiety.



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