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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

India is a vast country comprising of several states having their own identity and their own cultural heritage. Every year several tourists visit these states to know about the Indian ethics and values and its ancient past. Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Haryana are some of the Indian states that offers the travelers some good options to visit.

Bihar situated in the eastern India is the 12th largest state of this country. This state has many attractions that attracts the tourists from different parts of the world. This state has a rich historical past and its evidence can still be seen in the several monuments located here. Complete your tour of Bihar by visiting the ancient Nalanda University, Bodh Gaya, Darbhanga fort, Harminder Sahib and many more. Also while in Bihar taste the local cuisines and also enjoy the festive celebrations here. Do not forget to explore the local markets that are ideal for purchasing the handicraft items and famous Madhubani paintings.

Chhattisgarh is a new state that was created in the recent times. It is located in the west India and is gradually emerging as a popular tourist destination. While in this state the travelers can enjoy a wildlife safari in the thick lush green forests, or they can go for a boat ride in the beautiful rivers here. Along with it one can also explore the various historical monuments that are situated here. Tribal tours which is a new concept is being introduced in this state to boost the tourism. On this tour the travelers are taken in the tribal areas where they can know about the rituals and customs of the tribal people living in this state. Visit this state and spend your holidays in a different way.

Jharkhand is also a new state that was created recently. People visit this state to see its natural beauty that is reflected in its green valleys, forests and rivers. The most popular tourist attractions of this state are the Ranchi hill which is about 2,140 feet above the sea level. Along with it the tourists can also relax at the Jonha and Hirni falls that casts its magic on every visitor. This state is also known for its untouched rural life. The best way to explore this state is to go on a rural tour that is organized by the state government to boost the tourism in this state. Also visit the various temples of this state to complete your tour.

Punjab is famously called the land of five rivers and is known for the warm welcome of the lively people residing in this state. This state is quite popular among the international and domestic travelers. The cultural heritage of this land is very vibrant and appealing. While in Punjab a visit to the Golden temple, Wagha border, Jallianwala bagh, Bhatinda fort and Chandigarh city is a must. Also no tour of of Punjab can be complete without tasting the famous makke di roti and sarson da saag of this state. Along with it also try the other popular delicacy of this tour. Also indulge yourself in some bhangra dance which is the traditional dance form of Punjab.

The tourists visit the state of Haryana mainly for the cultural and pilgrim purposes. A village tour of this state will help you to know the customs and traditions of the local people and also will their life style. In today's time Haryana is also known for its increasing golf and adventure tourism. Along with it the local markets of this state are good options for some wonderful shopping spree. Here you can visit Hussain rose garden, Rock garden, Sukhna lake and Govt. museum and art gallery.

India is a colorful state of various diversities and while vacationing in this country you can spend some of the most memorable holidays of your life.



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