Orissa Tourism

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The amazing state of Orissa is located in the eastern part of India. The rich historical past of this state is a major tourist attraction. The breathtaking beauty of the beaches and the flourishing wildlife along with the ancient temples all in together will make your Orissa tour a very memorable experience.

Beach Tour:
The blue sea water of Bay of Bengal and the clear sky is popular among the holiday-makers and the young couples. The beaches of Orissa often attracts the travelers from different parts of the world. The cool and peaceful environment of these beaches and the charismatic view is simply mesmerizing. These beaches offer the tourists to spend some really exciting beach holidays here. Puri, Konark, Aryapali, Balaramgadi, Chandipur, Chandrabhaga, Balighai and Talasari are the most popular beaches of this state.

Pilgrimage Tour:
The state of Orissa has some of the most famous temples of India. Every year thousands of international and domestic devotees come here to visit these majestic temples. These shrines are an in built part of the ancient past of this land. They were build by the Chola rulers who one ruled this state. Even the architecture of these shrines are magnificent and worth praising. Some of them has also been declared he world heritage site by UNESCO. Jagannath temple, Konark sun temple, Lingaraja Temple, Ananta Vasudeva temple, Rajarani temple and Mukteswara temple are the most visited and most famous pilgrim centers of this state.

Wildlife Tour:
The wildlife enthusiasts from all around the globe visit the beautiful state of Orissa to experience and to see the wide variety of flora and fauna here. Here one can watch the wild animals and birds in their natural habitat roaming freely without any danger. The various wildlife sanctuaries and nationals parks situated here are an ideal destination to see them. The geographical condition and the lush green vegetation make this state a home to wide variety of fauna. Simlipal Tiger reserve, Bhitar national park, Nandan Kanan national park, Chilika wildlife sanctuary and Sunabeda wildlife sanctuary are the most famous wildlife destinations of this state.

Eco Tourism:
Eco tourism in Orissa is a new concept which is introduced by the state Government to boost this state as a popular tourist destination. In this tour the travelers are taken on  nature trailing so that they can explore the natural marvels of this state. This tour also helps in making them aware of the ways to preserve the nature. A tour of the lakes, waterfalls, beaches and the various sanctuaries all in together are included in this Eco tourism.
Tribal Tour:
The state of Orissa is also known as the tribal land of India. Here one can find the largest tribal communities of India. The thick forest of this state are the residing place for them. Inspite of that they have still preserved their traditional cultures and customs. One can also call them the reflection of the lively heritage of this land. These tribal groups still use the old ways to make their living which helps in retaining their tribal values.

Festive Celebrations:
The several festivals that are celebrated in Orissa are the most important part of the cultural legacy of this state. Most of the tourists visit this state to be a part of the celebrations of these festivals. They also provide good opportunity to make yourself aware of the traditions and culture of this state. Puri Rath yatra, Durga puja, Makarmela, Konark festival, Megha mela and Shivaratri are the most celebrated festivals of Orissa.

Visit the colorful state of Orissa and spend some of the most memorable holidays of your life here.



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