Buddhists Pilgrimage in India

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Buddhist pilgrimages are mostly found in Northern India and Southern Nepal, as Lord Buddha was born in Sakya Tribe of South Nepal in around 563 BC and he wandered the plains of Northeastern India. In these areas he lived and taught the path of Dharma and justice to people, since then these places are considered as the holy places for Buddhists and Hindus as well. There are primarily four places, related to the important stages of Lord Buddha's life, these are:
Lumbini: It is the birth place of Lord Buddha.
Bodh Gaya: It is the Place where Buddha attained Enlightenment.
Sarnath: It is the place where Lord Buddha taught the first lesson to his pupils.
Kushinagar: It is the place, where Buddha took his last breath around 483 BC, at the age of 80 and last words said by him were:
''Impermanent are all created things ; Strive on with awareness''.

Some Most Famous Buddhists Pilgrimages:

Lumbini: Lumbini is located in Rupandehi district of Nepal, near the border of India. It is located in the lap of Himalaya, where you can see the ruins of ancient holy monasteries, ancient bathing pond, Ashokan pillar, known as Rummendei Pillar, sacred Bodhi tree and Mayadevi temple. In 1997, Lumbini was nominated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, particularly for international World Heritage.

Bodh Gaya: One of the most famous Buddha temple – Mahabodhi Temple Complex is situated in Gaya district of Indian state, Bihar. This holy temple comprises a diamond throne (Vajrasana) and the sacred Bodhi tree. It is believed that Emperor Ashoka constructed the original Mahabodhi temple, when he visited Bodh Gaya after 250 years of the enlightenment of Lord Buddha. In 2002 Mahabodhi temple of Bodh Gaya was declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sarnath: Sarnath is situated 10 kilometers from Varanasi district in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which has many monuments, debris as well as modern temple of Lord Buddha. Some of the renowned monuments of Sarnath are Dhamekha Stupa, Chaukhandi Stupa and the ruins of monasteries. Here you can also see many of the ancient ruins of Sarnath including statues of Buddha, made in between 3rd century BC to 11th century AD. The famous Ashoka Pillar (with four lions' structure) is also in Sarnath, which is the National emblem of India.

Kushinagar: Kushinagar or Kushinara town is situated in Kushinagar district of Indian state, Uttar Pradesh, near Nepal border. It was an important center during the period of emperor Ashoka, who was the great Buddhist follower. Here the Stupa are built at the same place, where Buddha breathed last. One of the major attraction of Kushinagar is Mahaparinirvana Temple, which consists a huge statue of Lord Buddha in reclining posture.

Mathakaur Shrine in Kushinagar is the place, where Buddha had given his last semon. Also here are many of modern temples, stupas and shrines, constructed by various Buddhist countries. The museum of Kushinagar displays the objects found during excavation of the town.

Sanchi is a small village, which is situated in Raisen district of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. It is the house of many Buddhist monuments of period between 3rd century BCE to 12th century CE. The stupas around here are surrounded by the splendid Toranas, symbolizing the love, peace, trust and courage. The Saanchi Stupa is worldwide famous, which was build by emperor Ashoka during 3rd century. This great stupa represents a magnificent example of architecture with its semi hemispherical brick structure, crowned with a chhatra. Every particle of this stupa enhances the fragment of Lord Buddha.



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