Quick Facts About India

Friday, November 26, 2010

Location: India is located in the Southern part of the Continent of Asia and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, Arabian Sea on the west and Bay of Bengal on the east. India shares its borders with Pakistan to the west, with Bhutan, Nepal and China to the north and with Bangladesh and Burma to the east.

Total Area: India is sprawled in an area of 3,287,240 sq km. It is the seventh largest of the World. Along with area it has a coastline of 7,517 km.

Population: India has the 2nd largest population in the world estimating about 1.18 billion people.

Religion: India is the land of various religions - Hinduism, Islam, Christianity,Sikhism are the major religions of the country.

Ethnic Groups: According to a survey there are 72% of Indo-Aryan, 25% of Dravidians and 3% of Mongolid and other ethnic groups in India.

Language: Hindi and English are the official languages of India. Beside them many local and regional languages are also spoken here.

Climate Climate in India varies according to different seasons. During summers it is very humid. In monsoon there is plenty of rain and the temperature is very moderate. During winters it quite cold in the northern part while its very pleasant in the south.

Capital City: New Delhi is the capital and the most important political center of India. All the government policies are made here. Prime Minister, President and all the ministers live in Delhi.

Largest City: Mumbai is the largest city of India. It is also the commercial capital.

Currency<: Indian rupee is the currency of India.

Dialing Code: 91 is the calling code of India.

Tourist Activities: India offers plenty of amazing opportunities to the travelers to make their holidays memorable and exciting. While in India tourists can visit the magnificent monuments and temples that are a symbol of its rich tradition and past. Travelers can also relax in the serene environment of the beaches and backwaters. Adventure enthusiasts can opt for different water sports or mountain climbing. Nature and wildlife lovers can visit the hill stations and national parks.

Traveling Tips: While visiting India tourists need to be aware about few things. Never  give money to the beggars, take care of your luggage, dress appropriately and carry clothing according to the weather. Always carry a traveling guide and a translation book. Take local transportation for commuting.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit India is from October-April. The weather during these months is very pleasant and ideal for traveling.



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